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Maghe Sangranti, Welcoming warmer season

Maghe sangranti is an amazing one day celebration that brings your family together and makes the bond stronger. The celebration signifies that the warmer days are ahead compared to the cold month of Poush. 

When is Maghe Sangranti celebrated?

This day usually falls around mid January. Also, as per the Geogorgian calendar, the first day of Magh month. 

How to celebrate Maghe Sangranti?

This celebration is popular among Hindus in Nepal. Usually, people visit Devghat, Chitwan and take a ritual dip in the holy river. Loed Vishnu is worshipped during the month of Magh and worshippers read the sacred book The Bhagwad Gita, also known as The Song of the Gods. Usually families gather around and enjoy meals together. They also eat sesame seed ladus, molassesl, ghee, sweet potatoes and yams. 

maghe sangranti

This day is also popular among Tharu community in Terai region of Nepal. At a lot of places the communities run carnivals, get dressed up in traditional Tharu wear and enjoy the feast. 

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