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Happy New Year! Plan 2021 Travels

Each year, New Year’s Day is celebrated all over the world with a lot of enthusiasm, excitement, dreams, goals, a new hope and 2021 travel plans. New year’s day meaning, leaving all the negative behind and looking forward to a better and brighter future. Most of us follow an amazing formula that is,  “New Year, New Me”. For a lot of travel enthusiasts, New Year provides hope and helps everyone plan on what to do, where to go and the bucket list fulfill. 

Exciting News from Hidden Adventure!

There are many places you could visit during January and we offer amazing services if you pre book with us for 2021 travels.

Places for 2021 travles

  1. Gosai Kunda
  2. 3 Cities in Nepal

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2021 Travels

If you plan on staying for a few days, we have packages for you and your family.

If you are planning to stay for a few weeks we have these packages.

If you have moved to Nepal then, welcome to the land of culture, tradition and places with heritage. Read about the festivals, culture and tradition in Nepal.

Athiti Devo Bhava

Atithi Devo Bhava is a Sanskrit verse written as (अतिथिदेवो भव:). This phrase literally translates to, “the guests are equivalent to God” or You become the one who considers that Guests are equivalent to God. If you have ever wondered why you go to a restaurant, on a trek or anywhere and you need help, Nepalese people would help you and are super nice. As per the ancient Hindu scripture and it has become a code of conduct for the Hindu society. People go out of their way to treat guests with amazing hospitality.

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If you want to learn more about other festivities here are some popular ones:

Learn More About Hidden Adventure Nepal

To learn more about the festivities, culture of Nepal visit our websites. We offer customized packages for your travels to Nepal. Contact Us and for the packages find out more about the offers and deals for your next trip. 

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