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Ghode Jatra: The Parade Of Horses

Ghode Jatra is another big event in Nepal where, Nepalese army and police participate in a parade of horses and is celebrated with a lot of enthausism. In the Newar community, Ghode Jatra is celebrated for several days. Although the celebration takes place in the ground of Tudikhel, idols of Gods like Lumadi, Bhadrakali, Kankenshwari and Bhairav are brought on the portable chariot in the morning to Ason Chowk. 

Armies and police take part in horse race, cycle race and give an amazing performance. 

When is Ghode Jatra celebrated?

Ghode Jatra is celebrated in the month of Chaitra every year on the Chaitra Sukla pakshya, as per the Geogorgian Calendar. It usually falls in the month of late March or early April. 

Why is Ghode Jatra celebrated?

According to the historians, eight goddesses’ power centres are activated through tantrik rituals during Ghode Jatra. On the first day, people clean their houses, surrounding and swaages to worship Lukumahadev. Once the rituals are finished with the sacrifice of an animal, a big feast starts at Ason.

How is Ghode Jatra celebrated?

On the second day the actual Ghode Jatra begins, inebriated horses are run in Patan. Usually, people invite their married daughters on the second and third day for the feast. 

It is also believed that the day is celebrated as the victory over a demon named Tundi over the field known as Tundikhel, who was a big terror for the people of Kahtmandu. When he died, pepole of Kathmandu started cheering and galloping on horses. 

In Patan of Lalitpur city, drunken people from Newar community ride drunken horses on Ghode Jatra is celebrated at Bal Kumari area. People cheer and shoult to scare the horses until they run fast and throw the men out of their backs. 

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