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Lumbini: Birthplace of Gautam Buddha

Siddhartha Gautam Buddha or Gautam Buddha is a religious leader or also known as the founder of the religion, Buddhism. Buddhism is a religious practice followed by many people all over the world. He was born in Kapilvastu, Lumbini which is located in Nepal. He is also known for his meditation practice.

Where is the birthplace of Buddha?

The birthplace of Buddha, is located at about 265km from Kathmandu. This place is not only famous amongst the followers of Buddhism, but also has been able to gain worldwide fame. Buddha was born in 623 BC, in this place. Over the past decade, many statues, temples are made inside this place, to honor the message he spread and his sacred memory.  Each temple represents the pilgrimage from the countries where Buddhism is popular.

All the interested travelers, interested archaeologically, or whoever is interested to visit this pilgrimage, could be reached from Bhairahawa. There are two different ways to reach Bhairahawa, via Air or Land. Lumbini is about 11km away from Bhairahawa. 

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