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Teez: Exquisite Festival for Women only

When is it celebrated?

Teez Brata is a three-day festival that ends on the fifth day of the waxing moon. Heavy feasting of the first day is followed by a very strict fasting of 24 hours. The fasting, which is called Teez fasting, is performed for the well-being of one’s husband. Even the unmarried girls take part in the rites with great enthusiasm because of the belief that the great god Shiva blessed them enabling them to find a good husband. 

Why is Teez celebrated?

According to Hindu mythology goddess Parvati performed severe penance on the occasion and she got the great god Shiva as her husband. People also believe that fasting all day and be in presence of the consciousness of Lord Shiva, increases the lifespan of their husband.

How is Teez celebrated in Nepal?

The festival ends with Teez puja, in which they invoke the gods on behalf of the husband. Women take bath in holy rivers in preparation for the Puja. Flocks of women, dressed in bright red saris and gold ornaments offer worship to Shiva Linga, sacred phallus. This includes the atonement of female sins. The rules for Puja-it is believed were prescribed by the merciful goddess Parvati herself. 

The day before this day, women usually visit their parents house, prepare a big feast and celebrate the day. They are dressed in colorful clothes, bangles, and jewellery. They celebrate this day, eating a feast, dancing and singing all day and celebrate the reunion of all the sisters, mothers, aunt and all the ladies they love.

Although things have changed  and the fasting is not taken to the extreme level. Most people have become health conscious and they drink water, fruits and still fast for their husbands. Some men also fast with their wives as a moral support and they believe that this fasting is for Lord Shiva afterall. At the end of the day the believers break their fast by performing small rituals at home or go to the temple nearby, and drink warm water and fruit items. 

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