Gokarna Aunsi, Father’s Day Celebration
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Gokarna Aunsi, Father’s Day Celebration

Gokarna Aunsi also known as the father’s day is celebrated in Nepal as the auspicious day for honoring fathers. Oftentimes, the contribution of a father is overlooked! Just like how mothers provide, nurture and care for the family and we celebrate Mother’s Day, fathers also provide for the family, protect and make sure their children are on the right path.

When is Gokarna Aunsi celebrated?

According to the lunar calendar, Father’s Day or Gokarna Aunsi is celebrated on the last day of the dark fortnight in August or early September. 

How is Gokarna Aunsi celebrated?

Sons and daughters offer sweets and other delicacies to their fathers and sons to receive blessings. Those whose fathers have passed away perform abstemious purification rites necessary to bring peace to the departed souls.  Those with a living father also do not fail to go visit their father. This festival reflects the strength of family bonds in Nepal. 

If your father has already departed

Hindu religion provides a special way of remembering the lost ones. On this day, those whose fathers are no more around them, on this day, people flock to a sacred shrine of Shiva at Gokarna. They take bath in a river nearby and perform religious rites to honor the memory of their father and to bring peace and tranquility to the departed soul.

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