Khaptad Trek

Established in 1984, a well-hidden treasure in the Far Western corner of Nepal, famous trekking destinations is Khaptad National Park. Named renowned and mysterious sage “Khaptad Baba”after due to its remote location, it is still relatively untouched by tourism development, which makes Khaptad a perfect destination for the adventurer looking for a real wilderness experience.

The National Park, spreads across the area of 225 sq km, with unique ecosystem of the mid mountain region allowing visitor enjoy the vegetation of subtropical forest to the temperate forest full of  a variety of medicinal herbs. It is also a home to animal like musk deer, wild boar, porcupine, leopard, Himalayan Yellow-throated marten, Himalayan black bear, goral, jackal, and the  birds, like chyakhura, kalij, titra, dhukor, monal, red and yellow-billed blue magpie, nutcracker, flycatcher, thrushes, Himalayan griffin cuckoos, forktails, wagtails and Danphe and a wide variety of butterflies, moths and insects.

 An opportunity to explore these varieties attracts a number of tourists to plan a trek to Khaptad National Park in Nepal.

Adventure  Khaptad Trekking  Route :

  1. Kathmandu – Nepalgunj  : BY Flight / Drive
  2. Nepalgunj  –  Buditola :BY Drive
  3. Buditola  –  Silgadhi : By Drive
  4. Silgadhi  – Jhigrana  : Trek
  5. Jhigrana –  Bukipani : Trek
  6. Bukipani – Khaptad :Trek
  7. Khaptad National Park : Explore
  8. Back to Jhigrana  :Trek
  9. Jhigrana  – Silgadi via Uditola :Trek
  10. Uditola  – Dhangadi : Drive
  11. Dhangadi  – Kathmandu : By flight / Drive

Images source: Rajesh Rajopadhyaya

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