Roshan was born for mountains, thrills, and adrenal pump. He had always been extremely athletic and energetic in the team. A team leader, who organizes, strategizes, and optimistic who carries out his plans smoothly. He loves exploring new places, hiking to the hills around Kathmandu and trekking to mesmerizing mountains in Nepal. While travelling, he uses his soft skills to relate with locals from any community. He becomes friends with them like he has known them for a long time. Travelling from the cold Annapurna range through the Austrailian base camp, to the hotter part of Nepal in Terai. He enjoys his travels, food, community, and culture from all over Nepal. He is always ready to help anybody in mishaps like altitude sickness, heat stroke etc. 

His travel journey starts  from the beautiful valley of Kathmandu, Nepal to the hottest land of the Emirates, Oman, and Bahrain. The mesmerising range or Annapurna mountain range has a story that he explains was closest to his heart, that inspired to hike to more mountains. He describes that rocky mountains tells a different story at Jabal Jais in the Emirates when he was hiking through the hot climate. Nevertheless, he also believes that nothing can describe his feelings when he travels in Nepal. His stories are worth your time and his experiences are worthwhile.   

Rafting in Trishuli, cliff jumping, ziplining in the world’s longest zipline, skydiving on the top of beautiful Atlantis the Palm, Roshan, loves the thrill and adventure sports. He is one of the courageous team members of Hidden member, who excites the ones who fears adventurous sports. 

His calm and patience has no boundaries and he is extremely sympathetic and empathetic for people who have less. During his travels in Nepal and abroad, he has seen many without adequate food, medicine supplies, and proper drinking water. After traveling and exploring all over Nepal, he thinks as an adult we have to give back to the community. Therefore, Roshan along with other like-minded people establish this organization, to create an excitement, explore more of the diversity in his own country. Additionally, helping people all around who are less fortunate and give back to the country he calls his home.