“My heart fills with warmth and happiness when I get to serve the less fortunate in my country”. Rajanee Rajopadhyaya, daughter of mountains, goes by this saying every single day. She is a vetern in the tourism industry of Nepal with more than a decade of experience.  Travelling with family for fun or with expats or tourists for work, she belongs to the nature. She feels privileged to be born and raised in Nepal and been able to travel to many places in Nepal like Chitwan, Pokhara, Nepalgunj, Bardiya, Charikot, Dolakha, Lumbini  and many more urban and rural places in Nepal.

During her tenure with a travel agency she worked for she had many opportunities to take-part in educational support programs. These programs provided infrastructure  for children who did not have classroom, books or any stationery. During many of these programs, along with volunteers, she took part in building classroom. She also arranged  volunteers participate in recreational activities, hiking around those areas etc after the programs were over. Talking to the locals and making friends is easy for her, since she loves listening to people and their lives, their hardship, that always motivates her to do something for the community. Her career path also led her to pursue her education in cultural tourism. She loves everything about Nepal, the diversity of culture, festivities, food, and celebrations in Nepal. 

Rajanee has travelled and has hiked through Chitlang, Fulchoki, Dhampus, Ghandruk, Asthaam  and many other places. She shares her adventurous stories with excitement of hiking to Manakamana, when cable cars were not available. Additionally, she loves the adrenal rush and has raft in Bhotekoshi multiple times. In addition to that, she has been able to do canyoning inside Chitwan National Park with wildlife around and reptiles in the river. She does not miss a chance to go explore the nature and grabs any opportunity she gets to travel or hike. 

Furthermore, her love for animals had led her visit to wildlife reserves and national parks multiple times. She has absolutely loved elephant safari, jeep safaris, elephant bathing, and other lovely jungle adventures. Once during her jungle walk, Rajanee and her team found footprints of tigers, that sent chills through her spines. She always shares this experience with anyone who is looking to go for a Jungle safari. 

Her love for wildlife, adventure, nature and service towards community has encouraged her to be likely minded people at Hidden Adventures. She has spent more than a decade of her life and career in building her community and helping the less fortunate, while enjoying nature and experiencing it with tourists. She makes friends with everyone quickly and enjoys each culture, religion and diverse community of Nepal.